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62. HOPE (Heritage of People's Europe) *AT*
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
HOPE is a Best Practice Network comprised of social history institutions across Europe, including archives, libraries and museums. It aims to improve access to the vast amount of highly significant but ...
63. EUScreen *AT*
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
... themselves and with Europeana in particular, for which EUscreen will deliver the audiovisual content. Project Duration: 2009-2012 ...
64. EuropeanaTravel *AT*
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
EuropeanaTravel is a project funded by the European Commission within the area of Digital Libraries of the eContentplus Programme. Its overall objective is to digitise content on the theme of travel and ...
65. EuropeanaConnect (Delivering core components for EUROPEANA) *AT*
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
EuropeanaConnect is a Best Practice Network funded by the European Commission within the area of Digital Libraries of the eContentplus Programme. Its overall objective is to deliver core components which ...
66. Europeana v1.0 (Full service of *AT*
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
Europeana version 1.0 will bring the prototype to full service. In 2010 we will implement a new version of Europeana with added functionality and access to over 10 million digital objects. The ...
67. DISMARC (DIScovering Music ARChives) *AT*
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
DISMARC provides digital music audio to Europeana. Following the EU-funded project phase, DISMARC is now acting as aggregator of music audio for Europeana, Europe's virtual library. Project Duration: ...
68. thinkMOTION
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
The thinkMOTION project as part of Europeana leads to the world’s largest, free access digital library of content in the field of motion systems, which is essential for all technical domains. The thinkMOTION ...
Natural Europe project suggests a coordinated solution at European level in order to overcome such barriers, by connecting the digital collections of a number of European NHMs with Europeana, and studying ...
70. EURO-Photo (Disclosing the European Library on common visual historical heritage)
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
The Euro-Photo project aims at digitising historical pictures from the archives of 10 leading European News Agencies and make them available to Europeana, together with a huge number of their historical ...
71. ECLAP (European Collected Library of Artistic Performance)
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
... to help performing arts institutions to enter the digital Europe by building a network of important European performing arts institutions and archives and publishing content collections on Europeana, the ...
72. Oktober 14-15 10: Europeana Open Culture Konferenz, Amsterdam, Niederlande
(Web Links / Internationale KONFERENZEN 2010 (ARCHIV))
Europeana Open Culture 2010 conference will focus on how museums, libraries, archives and audiovisual collections can create public value by making digital, cultural and scientific information openly available. Europeana ...
73. Europeana Regia
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
Europeana Regia is a collaborative project, which aims to create a European corpus of digitised, mostly illuminated manuscripts.These are testimonies of the circulation of texts and art in Europe in the ...
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
... content for Europe's unique archaeological monuments and historic sites interoperable with Europeana. It aims to add the 3D and Virtual Reality content to Europeana. Project Duration: 2010-2013 ...
75. Judaica
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
Judaica Europeana will work with European cultural institutions to identify content documenting the Jewish contribution to the cities of Europe. Project Duration: 2010-2012 ...
76. Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek
(Web Links / PROJEKTE (Bereich: Datenverbünde))
Was auf europäischer Ebene mit der Europeana begonnen wurde, soll bald in Deutschland fortgeführt werden: Die Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek wird einen zentralen Zugang zu digitalem Wissen und Kultur in ...
Europeana is about ideas and inspiration. Europeana plenary 2009 "Creation, Collaboration & Copyright" will bring ideas and inspiration to the next level – it will explore different possibilities of content ...
79. Athena (Access to cultural heritage networks across Europe )
(Web Links / EU-PROJEKTE (Bereich: Europeana/Digital Libraries))
ATHENA has the objectives to reinforce, support and encourage the participation of museums and other institutions coming from those sectors of cultural heritage not fully involved yet in Europeana; coordinate ...
80. Europeana Video
(Web Links / PRESSE )