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<section name="raw">
      <record key="001" att1="001" value="IHS101055109" att2="IHS101055109">001   IHS101055109</record>
      <field key="037" subkey="x">englisch</field>
      <field key="050" subkey="x">Buch</field>
      <field key="076" subkey="">Sozialwissenschaft</field>
      <field key="079" subkey="y"></field>
      <field key="079" subkey="z">Valdes, Alberto - et al., El Salvador (WB Publication)</field>
      <field key="079" subkey="y">;eid=000009265_3980624090655</field>
      <field key="079" subkey="z">Valdes, Alberto - et al., El Salvador (World Bank Publication)</field>
      <field key="079" subkey="y">;printsec=frontcover</field>
      <field key="079" subkey="z">Valdes, Alberto - et al., El Salvador (Google Book Search)</field>
      <field key="100" subkey="">Valdes, Alberto</field>
      <field key="100" subkey="b">Dixon, John (Co.)</field>
      <field key="104" subkey="a">Bannon, Ian</field>
      <field key="104" subkey="b">Pagiola, Stefano (Co.)</field>
      <field key="108" subkey="a">Shaw, Cora</field>
      <field key="108" subkey="b">Sanchez, Susana (Co.)</field>
      <field key="112" subkey="b">et al.</field>
      <field key="200" subkey="b">The World Bank (Ed.)</field>
      <field key="331" subkey="">El Salvador</field>
      <field key="335" subkey="">Rural Development Study ; Prepared for FUSADES</field>
      <field key="403" subkey="">1. Ed.</field>
      <field key="410" subkey="">Washington, D.C.</field>
      <field key="412" subkey="">The World Bank</field>
      <field key="425" subkey="">1998, March</field>
      <field key="433" subkey="">xviii, 221 pp., 1 Map</field>
      <field key="451" subkey="">A World Bank Country Study</field>
      <field key="517" subkey="c">from the Table of Contents: Executive Summary: Main Findings and Recommendations; Diagnosis: Sector Background and Diagnosis;</field>
      <field key="Enh" subkey="a">ncing Competitiveness: The Incentives Framework; The Rural Financial Sector; Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer;</field>
      <field key="Rur" subkey="a">l Road Infrastructure; Agricultural Export Diversification; Social and Environmental Conditions: Alleviating Rural Poverty;</field>
      <field key="Rur" subkey="a">l Nonfarm Employment; Who Uses Basic Services in Rural El Salvador?; Land; Land Degradation Problems; Bibliography; Annexes;</field>
      <field key="540" subkey="">0-8213-4181-2</field>
      <field key="542" subkey="">0253-2123</field>
      <field key="544" subkey="">WB182-B</field>
      <field key="700" subkey="b">338</field>
      <field key="700" subkey="b">Production</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">Rural development -- El Salvador</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">Rural poor -- El Salvador</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">Agriculture -- Economic aspects -- El Salvador</field>
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