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      <record key="001" att1="001" value="170297" att2="170297">001   170297</record>
      <field key="037" subkey="x">englisch</field>
      <field key="050" subkey="x">Buch</field>
      <field key="076" subkey="">Politikwissenschaft</field>
      <field key="087" subkey="a">18</field>
      <field key="100" subkey="b">Hill, Christopher (Ed.)</field>
      <field key="103" subkey="">Sir Patrick Sheehy Professor and Director of the Centre of International Studies at the University of Cambridge</field>
      <field key="104" subkey="b">Smith, Michael (Ed.)</field>
      <field key="107" subkey="">Jean Monnet Professor of European Politics at Loughborough University</field>
      <field key="331" subkey="">International Relations and the European Union</field>
      <field key="403" subkey="">1. Ed.</field>
      <field key="410" subkey="">Oxford, New York, Auckland</field>
      <field key="412" subkey="">Oxford University Press</field>
      <field key="425" subkey="">2005</field>
      <field key="433" subkey="">xxiv, 469 pp.</field>
      <field key="451" subkey="">The New European Union Series</field>
      <field key="451" subkey="h">Peterson, John (Ed.) ; Wallace, Helen (Ed.)</field>
      <field key="517" subkey="c">from the Table of Contents: Preface; Frameworks; Institutions and Processes; Activities and Impact; Evaluation and Conclusion;</field>
      <field key="Ref" subkey="e">rences; Index;</field>
      <field key="540" subkey="">0-19-927348-0</field>
      <field key="540" subkey="">978-0-19-927348-5</field>
      <field key="544" subkey="">19424-A</field>
      <field key="700" subkey="b">327</field>
      <field key="700" subkey="b">International relations</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">European Union countries -- Foreign relations</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">European Union</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">International relations</field>
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