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<section name="raw">
      <record key="001" att1="001" value="156817" att2="156817">001   156817</record>
      <field key="037" subkey="x">englisch</field>
      <field key="050" subkey="x">Graue Literatur</field>
      <field key="076" subkey="">Ökonomie</field>
      <field key="079" subkey="y">;eid=000009265_3961214153741</field>
      <field key="079" subkey="z">Martin, Will (Ed.) - et al., The Uruguay Round and the Developing Economies (World Bank Publication)</field>
      <field key="079" subkey="y">;printsec=frontcover</field>
      <field key="079" subkey="z">Martin, Will (Ed.) - et al., The Uruguay Round and the Developing Economies (Google Book Search)</field>
      <field key="087" subkey="a">14</field>
      <field key="100" subkey="b">Martin, Will (Ed.)</field>
      <field key="104" subkey="b">Winters, L. Alan (Ed.)</field>
      <field key="108" subkey="b">Ahmed, Masood (Pr.)</field>
      <field key="200" subkey="b">The World Bank (Ed.)</field>
      <field key="331" subkey="">The Uruguay Round and the Developing Economies</field>
      <field key="403" subkey="">1. Ed.</field>
      <field key="410" subkey="">Washington, D.C.</field>
      <field key="412" subkey="">The World Bank</field>
      <field key="425" subkey="">1995, October</field>
      <field key="433" subkey="">xvii, 456 pp.</field>
      <field key="451" subkey="">World Bank Discussion Papers; No. 307</field>
      <field key="540" subkey="">0-8213-3469-7</field>
      <field key="542" subkey="">0259-210X</field>
      <field key="544" subkey="">WB156817</field>
      <field key="700" subkey="b">382</field>
      <field key="700" subkey="b">International commerce</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">Uruguay Round (1987- )</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">Tariff -- Developing countries</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">Developing countries -- Commerce</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">Developing countries -- Commercial policy</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">Developing countries -- Economic conditions</field>
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