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      <record key="001" att1="001" value="162903" att2="162903">001   162903</record>
      <field key="037" subkey="x">englisch</field>
      <field key="050" subkey="x">Buch</field>
      <field key="076" subkey="">Politikwissenschaft</field>
      <field key="100" subkey="">Gruber, Lloyd</field>
      <field key="103" subkey="">Assistant Professor in the Harris School of Public Policy Studies at the University of Chicago</field>
      <field key="331" subkey="">Ruling the World</field>
      <field key="335" subkey="">Power Politics and the Rise of Supranational Institutions</field>
      <field key="403" subkey="">1. Ed.</field>
      <field key="410" subkey="">Princeton, New Jersey</field>
      <field key="412" subkey="">Princeton University Press</field>
      <field key="425" subkey="">2000</field>
      <field key="433" subkey="">xvi, 316 pp.</field>
      <field key="517" subkey="c">from the Table of Contents: Preface and Acknowledgements; Introduction: From Anarchy to Organization; Why Do Nations Cooperate?:</field>
      <field key="Ins" subkey="t">itutions, Collective Action, and the Prospect of Mutual Gain; Winners and Losers. The Case for Theoretical Reorientation; How</field>
      <field key="Do" subkey="N">ations Cooperate?: The Efficiency Rationale for Supranational Governance; Broadening the Debate. The "Power Politics" of</field>
      <field key="Ins" subkey="t">itutional Design; North American Trade: Jump-Starting the Free Trade Bandwagon; NAFTA and Beyond. Is Free TradeContagious?;</field>
      <field key="Eur" subkey="o">pean Money: Winners and Losers in the European Monetary System; Rigging the System. Why Did the EMS Take the Form It Did?;</field>
      <field key="Con" subkey="c">lusions: Rethinking International Cooperation; Bibliography; Index;</field>
      <field key="540" subkey="">0-691-01041-2</field>
      <field key="540" subkey="">978-0-691-01041-0</field>
      <field key="544" subkey="">19139-A</field>
      <field key="700" subkey="b">327</field>
      <field key="700" subkey="b">International relations</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">International relations</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">International cooperation</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">Supranationalism</field>
      <field key="710" subkey="">Balance of power</field>
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